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Invest in these Australian concentrates and see your $ run thousands of kilometres.

CleanDiZ Solutions has always endeavoured to trade only the best quality professional polishes, waxes, degreasers, chemicals and accessories. We continue to embark upon introducing only the best possible quality products to our customers to obtain the best quality results. In addition to our quality products, at CleanDiZ we ensure that our reps are best trained with best product knowledge and are ready to provide top notch solutions and best customer service at all times. 

Product Range

Motor vehicle and boat wash & wax, Brake cleaners and Degreasers

Utensil and laundry washing liquid, Pet shampoo

Chemical foamers & sprayers, Sponge, brush, cloth and poles

Air freshners for cars, home and toilet bowl cleaner

Pine disinfectant and Saniklene all surface cleaner and sanitizer


Saniklene is a ready-to-use all surface cleaner and sanitiser formulated for vehicle interior and household usage. Saniklene not only kills 99.9% of germs but will also create a lasting anti-bacterial barrier on surfaces for on going protection. 


Saniklene is a ready-to-use Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser formulated for vehicle interior, office and household usage. It is safe on all surfaces including leather, vinyl, plastics and fabric with a streak-free finish. 


+ Kills 99.9% of Germs  

+ Active Benzalkonium Chloride ingredients create a long lasting anti-bacterial barrier  

+ Powerful cleaning agents to remove all general dirt and grime  

+ Subtle Lemon fragrance for a fresh, clean environment  

+ Ready-to-use formulation maintains anti-microbial efficacy  

+ Neutral pH and 100% biodegradable  

+ Made in Australia from Australian ingredients

Car Lights

Restore your headlights back to new!


Over time, plastic headlights fade, turn yellow and discolour due to wear and tear and the exposure to the suns UV rays. Your car is exposed to dirt dust and chemicals everyday, which can also affect the vision quality of your headlights.

Why Lensklear?


Lensklear is the key to crystal clear, polished headlights that bring your car headlights back to maximum effectiveness, keeping you safe while you’re travelling.

     Enduring Gloss Like No Other

  • Deepest glass like finish – locked in for good

  • Nano Ceramic Quartz Technology.

     Durability, Resilience & Hardness

  • Carbon Coat creates stain resistant barrier that’s super tough & durable - inside and out.

  • Tested to 9hˆ on Mineral Hardness Scale. Ultimate durability and abrasion resistance.

     Total Interior Protection

  • Enduring protection for leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric and carpets.

  • Resists staining from drink and food spillages, dirt, scuffs and prevents UV fading.


What is Carbon Coat ?

Carbon Coat represents latest in Vehicle Surface Coatings. The key features are our state of the art Nano Technology and the addition of Silicon Carbide within our formula. The Nano Technology within Carbon Coat provides its hydrophobic properties and superior bonding of the solution down to a molecular level. This in turn allows Carbon Coat to fill all microfine imperfections within the paintwork, therefore reducing light refraction and creating a undistorted and unmatched gloss to the paintwork in a single application.

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