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As part of this build up towards the most important event on our calendar - the 8 years birthday celebrations, we are pleased to announce a multitude of exciting and fun filled activities that will be available for participation by members of our community. Register your interest for participation by 16th November for any or all of

these activities to be staged from 22nd till 30th November.

 Below Information is a short description of the activities. Full particulars including actual rules and requirements to be revealed to ‘final set of participants’ to be selected through a specific selection criteria. Registration application is open to anyone but only qualifying personnel will be selected under qualifying criteria to be determined by Vision Motors. Each of these activities have limited places, however, we will endeavour to accommodate a fairly decent number of participants subject to logistics and facilities arrangement at the time. Your registration application is not necessarily an appointment to participate. If successful, you will be notified accordingly after which a full briefing will be conducted.  


  1. Video Game

  • WC Soccer

On close of registration, teams will be selected and participants will be informed accordingly. Players will participate on an elimination basis and winners progressing to advance levels until they reach and play the finals. Full set of rules will be released before the play offs begin.


  • GT Racing

Similar to WC Soccer (above) but subject to final rules, participants will progress to next level depending on their win or loss situation. Again, detailed information will be made available on the ‘briefing night’ to final participants. 


2. MU Striker 

Abbreviated for ‘Manchester United’ Striker, participant will take spot kick to score. The goalmouth is in the form of a circular ring larger than the diameter of a standard soccer ball. The ring is netted and affixed to a vertical post with the ring opening facing the kicker. You score a goal when the ball completely drops inside the net and remains held in.

3. VIS MO Challenge

Joining VIS MO Innovations for this most exciting and thrilling jungle challenge requires driving into the forest, arriving at a base station before setting foot in to the forest. Four separate zones have been demarcated with each of them holding separate interesting ‘tokens’ requiring searching and bringing them out.  The first zone will have tokens tied to trees. Your task will be to search and pick the token holding your ‘ID’. You will return with this token which will be handed over to zone 2 manning personnel. Here, you will be given the 2nd set of clue which will get you inside of zone two for search of a fruit bearing your name. Once the token has been found, you will return to the starting point and after handing over the token to manning personnel, you will receive the 3rd set of instructions for entry into zone three. In this zone, there will be several ‘Gurkha soldiers’ camouflaged within the trees and shrubs. Your task will be to locate as many Gurkhas as possible within a stipulated time frame. Remember, a key challenge in this zone is to return to the starting point within the allowable time limit or else you fail the challenge.  Once you are back to the start point, the final path instruction will be revealed for you to track your way to the last spot where you will be received by VISMO team for refreshments. Full briefing including ‘track guide’ markings and rules will be released at start of the journey which is Chevy Gaardens, Lot 4 Karsanji street, Raiwaqa.


There will be no further information available until participants are selected and final group is established.





Join us as we celebrate our

8th Birthday